Built for Sports and Live Entertainment

Buyer Benefits

As a buyer using Perogon, you will experience streamlined management of your purchasing activities and gain real time access to suppliers across the world.

Optimisation of RFQ Process

You can send multiple requests to a predetermined number of vendors with the click of a button. Perogon eliminates unnecessary manual work and paperwork, reduces the risk of human errors and saves valuable time for your business.

Direct Access to a Global Supplier Network

Perogon offers real time access to leading known Sports supplier serving sports around the world. You can find any supplier worldwide via filters like offered products, memberships, serving teams and location.

Recommendation Engine

Perogon allows for market transparency and price competition in sports-supplies trading. Our system proposes the best suited suppliers to your RFQs, based on a wide range of data such as trading history & buyer rankings.

Business Intelligence Tools

Our Perogon sports procurement platform offers invaluable and unique tools that can help you efficiently organise your purchasing department and increase the number of items managed per purchaser. You can monitor trading activity, receive monthly reports on purchasing costs and compare data between different orders.

Supplier Benefits

Procureship is a unique online procurement platform customised to the needs of ship operators and ship suppliers. Thousands of RFQs circulate daily through our platform granting you access to potential new business.

Direct Access to New Buyers

Perogon gives you the ability to drastically increase your exposure to new buyers. Thanks to the adoption of Perogon by major global sports teams, leagues and entertainment operators you will have the opportunity to receive more orders and increase your top line.

No Up-Front Fees

Our pricing model is based on charging you solely for the value we bring to the table i.e. the orders you receive through the platform. Registration on the platform is free and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Management of Daily Operations

Pending RFQs, Purchase Orders and deliveries are presented in a simple and efficient manner on your dashboard so you can track daily tasks and get notified about needed actions such as nearing order dates.

Real Time Notifications

When a buyer sends you a RFQ or a Purchase Order you receive instant notifications on both your user dashboard and your email. You can accept or decline requests and orders with a click of a button or chat directly with buyers through our live messaging tool.